Sunday, December 1, 2013

November 2013 Pics

ZJ went to the children's museum for the first time in over a year.  She loved it of course. 

 photo IMG_20131109_093215_901_zpsc740f577.jpg

 photo IMG_20131109_100238_746_zpsf2a285bf.jpg

 photo IMG_20131109_101936_220_zpsf44ba692.jpg

IJ's best school friend had a birthday party at a bounce house and both kids loved it.  I was very surprised that ZJ liked this slide and that IJ very patiently helped her up the stairs each time and then waited at the bottom.
 photo IMG_20131110_102744_918_zpse8b26e49.jpg

 photo IMG_20131110_111830_959_zpse8848690.jpg

IJ demanded to wear this hair clip to school.
 photo IMG_20131111_082327_513_zps89495c4d.jpg

ZJ was hiding when it was time to brush her teeth.
 photo IMG_20131113_080910_261_zpse991ba3c.jpg

She copies everything he does.  He stood on his pedals and she interpreted it this way.
 photo IMG_20131113_155707_229_zpsaba51165.jpg

I'm conquering my fear of yeast breads.  I made cinnamon rolls and this spelt flour loaf.
 photo IMG_20131118_182542_509_zps099f1276.jpg

 photo IMG_20131119_173330_113_zpsd3da3012.jpg

IJ's first soccer season ended.
 photo IMG_20131121_142933_374_zpsdce358a6.jpg

IJ's been learning about and crafting for thanksgiving and Hanukkah simultaneously at school.
 photo IMG_20131126_153356_484_zpsba93f67c.jpg

 photo IMG_20131127_084732_999_zps07b945a3.jpg

We FINALLY let the kids ride in a car grocery cart and they were super excited.
 photo IMG_20131129_151416_151_zps792ddc7f.jpg

NJ sold MY 10 year old car and bought a used truck.
 photo IMG_20131130_131348_076_zps08fdc8a5.jpg

 photo IMG_20131130_131414_687_zpsa2f4fc6d.jpg

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Sarah said...

They are too cute! I can't believe I've missed a couple of months worth of photos.