Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ZJ is 22 months old!

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ZJ has been adding to her vocabulary and can say a couple 2 word phrases now.  She can say "hi ____" but it doesn't come easy and she has to hear us say it first.  She'll also say "all done" which is a common 2 word phrase we use.  She added "ut oh" this month and says it constantly.  She says it if something is dropped, if something is out of place, if she finds a piece of fuzz on the floor, etc.  She now says "mama me" for mama milk.  She has always said "fuff" instead of "woof" when making a dog noise and now calls her stuffed dog "fuffy."  She has also been seen sticking her dog's tail in her nose just as she's seen her brother do.  She will say "one" and "five" if we count and she shows that number on her fingers.  She started pretending to read and every line sounds like "ah bebe ah bebe."  She switched from calling IJ "bubba" and now calls him "Lani." She also started calling her daddy by his first name since she hears me say it so much. 

ZJ is finally back to letting us read her complete books although she always wants to read the same few books.  She enjoys her puzzles and likes the lacing beads her brother just passed on to her.  She has become wild in the bathtub and lays on her stomach, kicks and splashes, drinks the water and several other dangerous things.  She has learned to climb into her highchair and buckle herself in.

ZJ seemed resistant to potty using for a bit but then started using it easily all day long.  She has days where she only wets 1-2 diapers and she even wakes up dry most days now.  She still resists sometimes and even yells "no" when asked to potty but mostly will run to the bathroom, say "climb" and carefully step onto the stool, climb onto the toilet and slide herself back.  When she's done she even wipes herself.  She peed on a toilet away from home for the first time this month when she was waiting for her cardiology appointment.  She seemed quite comfortable in doing so.  She also peed twice in toilets at the zoo last weekend.  Oddly, she refuses to pee in our portable potty that we keep in the car and briefly tried with her in the house.  She even peed standing at our pecan tree while her brother was doing so a few weeks ago.

ZJ is regularly skipping her nap now and then going to sleep easily at 7 pm.  If she does nap, it's usually from 2ish to 3ish (we have to pick IJ up from camp at 1 pm) and I have to walk her in the stroller to get her to sleep around 8/8:30 that night.  This frequently doesn't work and then NJ drives her to sleep.  She still wakes several times a night and breastfeeds back to sleep. 

ZJ did not get sick this month.  She started chewing her fingers a lot and I discovered her lower, right 2 year molar is coming in.  She had her 6 week post op visit and had another echo, xray and ekg.  Everything looked good and we have to return in 6-9 months.

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