Friday, August 2, 2013

July 2013 Pics

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Helping put groceries in the car and showing off the fake smile.
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More fake smiles at her first park visit post surgery.
 photo IMG_20130713_091015_253_zpsf15093b7.jpg

After some naked, backyard kiddie pool play, ZJ ran over and actually peed on the tree while IJ was doing so.  I almost caught it on camera.
 photo IMG_20130713_172733_639_zps68bba879.jpg

We made peanut butter but it actually wasn't cost effective.
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IJ is now the proud owner of a scooter.  He's wanted one for quite a while and great grandma made it happen for his birthday.
 photo IMG_20130721_083846_026_zps6c9553c8.jpg

We made sunflower seed butter at home.  It was cost effective since sunflower seed butter is expensive for some reason.  We will continue to make it since IJ's school is nut free.
 photo IMG_20130724_135429_460_zps6af707cf.jpg

ZJ actually liked seaweed.
 photo IMG_20130726_113520_094_zps3db61d70.jpg

 photo IMG_20130726_115000_212_zpse770279f.jpg

ZJ has decided she likes to eat bananas like a big kid now.
 photo IMG_20130726_152101_550_zps8932e2ce.jpg

She loves to color.
 photo IMG_20130726_154455_162_zpse5759ea3.jpg

ZJ has the same dog as IJ, just a different color.   Apparently she's been watching him stuff his dog's tail into his nose because she did this for a while.
 photo IMG_20130726_162435_540_zps9a4309fc.jpg

IJ got to be forward facing for a few days while the kids had to ride in the Mazda.  They interacted a lot more in this position.
 photo IMG_20130727_140807_238_zpsc4d7588e.jpg

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I can't let ZJ near IJ during his TV time.  She harasses him the entire time.
 photo IMG_20130729_144447_344_zps04422a1d.jpg

ZJ at her 6 week post op appointment.  Upset because she just had a chest xray.
 photo IMG_20130730_102301_767_zpsfe61e66f.jpg

I made IJ his own snack shelf in the cabinet where he can serve himself.  He loves it.
 photo IMG_20130731_154610_699_zps34923119.jpg

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