Saturday, September 7, 2013

ZJ is 23 months old!

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ZJ is saying more two word phrases like “wake up” and “tell me” but only says them after hearing us say them rather than initiating it herself.  She continues to mimic my speech and started saying “ok” quite a bit making me realizes I say it after every task completion.  She has several words that don’t really sound like the word she intends but she says them consistently, like “ba ba bee” for strawberry.  Her brother has learned her language and will speak to her using her own terminology.  We’ve been counting to 10 with her and she’s getting more comfortable with the numbers, anticipating what comes next and recognizes the number one when written.  She started demanding hugs this month by saying “hug” and reaching out.  It’s adorable.  She has mastered drinking from an open cup by herself.
ZJ is doing well with peeing on the toilet.  She uses the toilet all day long and rarely wets a diaper at home.  She will also potty away from home on any toilet but just this past week started using our travel potty which makes things easier.  She asks to pee every time she is at IJ’s school and really seems to enjoy going to the bathroom away from home.  Pooping is another story.  She poops in her diaper or underwear while holding her butt.  Luckily she does this so we know what she’s doing.  She has pooped on the toilet now a few times but is still resistant.  When she does wear underwear, which she calls “undies” she’ll announce “done” and remove them (or other clothes), preferring to be naked.

ZJ has not skipped her nap in a while.  I’m trying to make sure she’s active each morning which definitely helps her fall asleep.  We don’t get home from picking IJ up from school till around 1 pm.  I get her to sleep as soon as possible and she always sleeps 30-40 minutes and then wakes up screaming and crying, each time.  I usually keep her up, so she falls asleep easier at night, but if I lay down with her she’ll fall right back to sleep, waking as soon as I get up.  I get her to sleep in the stroller around 7:30/8 pm.
ZJ had one cold this month that she got from her brother.  Her second lower molar came in and she stopped chewing her fingers.

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