Monday, September 30, 2013

September 2013 Pics

ZJ loves smoothies and is the master of the smoothie mustache.
 photo IMG_20130904_154038_300_zps8fabd21a.jpg

 photo IMG_20130905_095634_474_zpsd1482e70.jpg

 photo IMG_20130907_161048_184_zps5ce9cd71.jpg

IJ started soccer!  He has weekly practices.
 photo IMG_20130910_153919_730_zpscec09dba.jpg

 photo IMG_20130913_152254_246_zpsc1c033c8.jpg

I thought there were no new places to climb in the house but ZJ has found new ways.
 photo IMG_20130916_120628_791_zpse23bf09f.jpg

I moved the tadpoles to a new, larger home and they must have needed it because they began maturing at a rapid rate, getting back legs and then front legs.  Here they are ravenously eating their frozen, boiled lettuce chunk.
 photo IMG_20130917_133241_770_zps437341ff.jpg

The sukkah at IJ's school.
 photo IMG_20130918_124000_497_zps77abc440.jpg

IJ finally got to ride the train at Hermann Park.
 photo Picture11_zps91eb8140.png

 photo IMG_20130924_121515_942_zpsd21ee27b.jpg

 photo IMG_20130924_152457_965_zps367fcba2.jpg

 photo IMG_20130925_091029_693_zpsb7a33826.jpg

 photo IMG_20130926_085921_798_zps5c15f7d3.jpg

 photo IMG_20130926_095026_992_zpsc0408292.jpg

 photo IMG_20130927_112705_549_zps11c5d0ed.jpg

 photo 20130928_0935031_zpse98f057b.jpg

We've had lots of hummingbirds hovering and feeding at our flowers the last few weeks.  This one actually sat in our tree and let me get pretty close.
 photo Picture1_zpsd82e2fc2.png

My new baby...a fiddle leaf fig tree.
 photo Picture2_zps9bf7c623.png

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