Thursday, July 24, 2014

summer vacation

We drove to Pensacola to visit my parents in their new house at the end of June.  The kids had their own room with 2 twin beds but we quickly decided that wasn't going to work.  ZJ wakes up randomly and we didn't want IJ's sleep affected so NJ slept on a twin in that room and ZJ and I slept in the other room.  But, here's a pic of ZJ in the  bed she was supposed to sleep in.
 photo Picture23_zps632f4c7b.png

My parents found and kept a baby turtle.  It's cute.
 photo Picture14_zpsd26cfea0.png

 photo Picture21_zpseb21c93b.png

 photo Picture13_zpsf8188062.png

We gave IJ an early birthday gift by bringing his new 20" bike with us on the trip.
 photo Picture22_zps99b80514.png

 photo Picture34_zps088cb761.png

We played at this unique park a couple times.
 photo Picture33_zps3a7998af.png

 photo Picture32_zps5ee99fca.png

 photo Picture20_zps25b8b215.png

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 photo Picture30_zps22e6fe13.png

We visited downtown Pensacola and checked out a few shops.
 photo Picture18_zps6295e717.png

We went to the beach twice also.
 photo Picture16_zpsa0f06f94.png

 photo Picture17_zps4fde930c.png

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 photo Picture27_zpsa3419ec9.png

We went back downtown for the 4th of July day time kids activities.  The kids got to build toys provided by the hardware store.  IJ chose a recycling truck and ZJ chose a florist truck.
 photo Picture6_zps75b9e05d.png

 photo Picture5_zpsf3717851.png

 photo Picture4_zpsb46e3c73.png

ZJ visited the petting/feeding zoo while IJ jumped in the bounce houses.
 photo Picture3_zps208c62c9.png

 photo Picture12_zpse40524a9.png

 photo Picture11_zpsd2ccda2b.png

We went out to lunch.
 photo Picture2_zps3d345859.png

After lunch we returned home to continue IJ's birthday party festivities (we started the day with him opening his presents).  He got to watch the LEGO movie and then we had cake.  I brought a sparkler number 5 for his cake which he apparently thought was a candle.
 photo Picture10_zpsc28b5216.png

As soon as it was lit and started sparkling he dove back away from it in terror.  It took some coaxing for him to sit back up.
 photo Picture9_zpsb1c773e0.png

I tried a new cake and icing recipe and he didn't love them.  He has had the same cake for birthdays 1-4.
 photo Picture8_zps2eb3606a.png

Token picture to prove NJ was on this vacation trip too.
 photo Picture1_zps6e40b0af.png

After 6 days in Florida we drove back to TX after a short park visit.  Included in my bag of car entertainment was IJ's first ever lollipop.  It kind of blew his mind.  He knows we don't eat candy so he kept asking what it was and how I had made it.  I explained that it was not the average lollipop in that it had no food coloring chemicals and only natural ingredients but it still wasn't healthy and a very rare treat.  He thoroughly enjoyed it but hasn't asked for one since.
 photo Picture7_zps47c2645f.png

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