Wednesday, July 9, 2014

ZJ is 33 months old!

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ZJ loves books and puzzles.  She's more into building with duplo now and always wants to play legos with her brother.  She loves the water and has enjoyed our visits to the pool this summer, Barton Springs and going to the beach during our week in Florida.  She likes to swing and climb at the playground.  She loves to cook and bake with me and pulls up a chair whether I've invited her or not.

She's a lot busier now that it's summer and we don't have to work around her brother's school schedule.  She always wants to play with him when we're home and at the playground.

ZJ speaks in full sentences with ease but still has adorable toddler speak.  She is finally labeling her colors correctly for the most part but still working on it.

ZJ has been more picky about what she eats lately.  Oddly, she's limiting her fruits which used to be her favorite thing.  She's even been refusing strawberries lately which have always been her favorite fruit.

ZJ started sleeping in her own room in May.  She goes to sleep between 7 and 7:30.  She's still not consistently sleeping through the night.  On rare occasion that she does sleep through the night she's usually up by 5:30 am.  Otherwise she wakes 1-2 times a night and either yells for me to come to her or she comes to my bed.  She's usually up before 7 am.  She always nurses to sleep and back to sleep but usually only asks to nurse 1-2 times during the day now.

ZJ had her first dental appointment but didn't allow anyone to look at her teeth.  After playing at the YMCA daycare twice she decided she would no longer do so.  We have not tried again since a really awful experience during which would have been her 4th time there.

ZJ has been peeing on the toilet for over a year now but still pees in her diaper/underwear regularly.  She's still refusing to poop on the toilet as well.

She has been very difficult lately, prone to fits and argumentative.  She's often rough with her brother but that's expected when he's been rough with her for so long.

ZJ has been sick twice in the last 3 months.

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