Sunday, June 19, 2016

April 2016 Pics

NJ's birthday. We tried a new, vegan sweet potato cake recipe.
 photo Picture12_zpszldjnisc.png

All ZJ wants to do at school is dress up, pretend play. She wore this costume every day it was available.
 photo Picture11_zpswhpt6dp3.png

One of our local parks was finally reopened after a complete remodel.
  photo Picture10_zpsy51d0nsl.png

 photo Picture9_zpsrcymchfm.png

ZJ discovered she could go across the monkey bars if she went sideways down the edge.
 photo Picture8_zpsh0vdclze.png

IJ went to an ice skating party and found out one of his friends from class is a competitive ice skater. She held him up, lifted him off the floor and gave him tips.
 photo Picture7_zpsjxilc7gj.png

 photo Picture6_zps25buv7tc.png

IJ at a Spring season soccer game.
 photo Picture1_zpsi9kftfqt.png

ZJ with some of our early Zinnia flowers from the seeds I spread in the front yard.
 photo Picture5_zpsatm2yun0.png

We went to an event where the kids could build structures and be creative with random materials, they loved it and played for hours.
 photo Picture4_zpsgndoj1ts.png

ZJ at one of her Spring soccer classes.
 photo Picture3_zpswsqr6sie.png

ZJ had a petting zoo visit her school.
 photo Picture2_zpswuq2orry.png

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