Monday, June 20, 2016

May 2016 Pics

IJ was selected to read morning announcements at school.  photo Picture15_zpslovuka3x.png

ZJ was so excited to find a mermaid costume during the ocean theme.
 photo Picture14_zpsmlr3hgq3.png

ZJ posing with our zinnias.
 photo Picture13_zpsbvihzxrs.png

 photo Picture12_zpsa6swazjy.png

IJ's class had a commencement ceremony. He received an award for being knowledgeable.
 photo Picture11_zpso850jfpe.png

IJ competed in his school's triathlon for the second year.
 photo Picture2_zpsebovkfyw.png

 photo Picture10_zpsy36p5f8a.png

NJ was the mobile medic during the triathlon.
 photo Picture9_zpsnbszfmv1.png

I held a healthy snack sale and raffle to raise money for our school's new playground.
 photo Picture8_zps9jswevnn.png

IJ lost his first top tooth after a very long time in housing a very loose tooth that he was quite proud to turn 360 degrees around. We are unsure exactly how the tooth was lost.
 photo Picture7_zpshilahngr.png

NJ taught IJ to play chess.
 photo Picture6_zpssj7jpnoo.png

ZJ spilled her popcorn and she cleaned up like this, because that's how a butterfly would do it.
 photo Picture5_zpsclxs2lrx.png

IJ finished his 4th and likely final soccer season at the Y. We are moving on to a more structured, serious program. That also means he won't be on a team full of his classmates any longer and it will be the first season neither NJ or I will be coaching.
 photo Picture1_zpsnr55y84h.png

We went to a cool, new park on Memorial Day.
 photo Picture4_zpsviiyysnv.png

 photo Picture3_zps36rb6za1.png

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