Wednesday, July 6, 2011

IJG is 2 years old!


IJG is 2 years old and he is a busy body! He now weighs about 26.5 pounds, up 6 pounds in the last year.

He talks constantly and has a huge vocabulary. He continues to put 2-3 words together but isn’t really speaking in sentences yet. He often makes up his own endings to words. Instead of “wallet” he says “wawoo” for example. He calls the dogs Yoyo (Yoji), Nion (Zion) and Ahh-Vue (Oliver). He does still only have 2 words that are way off from the real word, “ahdoe” for open and “gnu” for drink/beverage. He started saying “ant bite” when he sees any bug, which started after I got several ant bites and was trying to keep him away from the ants. Now he says “ant bite” when he finds a piece of fuzz on the floor too. He has started telling us what he wants us to do like “sit down” or “walk.” He says “thank you” but often when he gives something away instead of when he receives something. He says “I love you _____” which he knows mama loves hearing. He also likes to have mumble conversations in a fake language to mimic speaking which is entertaining to hear. He has also recently created a song. The words are "dippy dippy dippy dippy mama" which he repeats until he is done.

He started making a funny face that seems to mean “look how freaking cute I am, you know you can’t resist” (see pic). He still sucks his thumb and likes to put his blanket or his doggie in or around his nose while sucking his thumb. He will hold his dog’s tail in his fist, stick the tip in his nose, and suck his thumb. He likes to dance and has evening dance sessions with his dada. He loves vehicles, especially fire trucks or anything with a siren. He likes to see and hear “hairplanes” in the sky. He loves going to the zoo and seeing the animals along with anything involving water – sprinklers, splash parks and swimming pools. He loves to have books read to him and will pick a book, bring it over, say “read” and “sit down” because you cannot read without him sitting on your lap. For the last few weeks he is not happy about being left at school and clings to me, tells me to "walk" (which means hold my hand and walk out of the door), and cries when I do finally leave. He is fine a few seconds after I'm gone though.

He went through a phase of a week or 2 where he stopped eating all of his usual favorites. He slowly came back around but still doesn’t want some of the foods. He also decided he needs big pieces of food, such as whole strawberries and pieces of toast. Learning that got him to start eating more also. He uses a regular cup at home and does quite well. When away from home he drinks from a sport cap water bottle. He is breastfeeding 1 to 2 times a day.

IJG does not want to sleep anymore and resists all naps and night times. He still often sleeps for 2 hours in the afternoon but usually takes a long time to go to sleep. At night he often takes an hour to get to sleep so if we begin at 8 he will fall asleep around 9, yet he still wakes around 7 am.

He hasn’t really been sick this month. He seemed a bit congested once but just had a few days of clear drainage. He also had a day of exhaustion where he slept late and had two naps but then acted normally by evening. We found out that both his ear tubs have fallen out at some point in the last 6 months.

2nd year at a glance (see first year here):


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