Wednesday, July 24, 2013

IJ's 4th birthday party

IJ decided months ago that he wanted a dinosaur themed 4th birthday party.  With a vacation and open heart surgery scheduled just before his birthday I was worried about getting everything done.  We were able to pull it off by planning months ahead and working on things early.

The morning of his birthday and just before his party started.
 photo P7060070_zps5d5f392c.jpg

ZJ was also festively dressed.
 photo P7060079_zpsf2aca503.jpg

 photo Picture1_zps1f1ec57d.png

 photo Picture2_zps68b08a5a.png

Goodie bags were filled with wind up dinos, dino puzzle or book depending on age, stretchy dinos, dino stamps, dino stickers and dino tattoos.
 photo IMG_9274_zpsfae59afc.jpg

 photo P7060110_zpsc9930101.jpg

 photo P7060113_zps6d028f0d.jpg

As the kids arrived they played with our bamboo xylophone and had help getting dinosaur tattoos.
 photo P7060115_zps03f25345.jpg

Next they raced each other digging for fossils.
 photo Picture7_zps546591f4.png

Each kid got a dinosaur skeleton after the fossil hunt.
 photo IMG_9279_zps55c8cf52.jpg

Then everyone got a block of ice and had to bust 5 dinosaurs out of it.
 photo Picture3_zps20365714.png

Next the big kids built dinosaur models and the littles had a dinosaur scroll taped to the wall to color.
 photo Picture5_zpsa0c4374a.png

 photo IMG_9267_zpsaa67b684.jpg

 photo Picture4_zpsbeb16ac4.png

Lunch was dinosaur shaped sandwiches of jam and cream cheese, "dino bone salad" which was carrot, celery and jicama sticks in sunflower seed butter and fresh fruit.
 photo IMG_9309_zps49442741.jpg

 photo IMG_9314_zps936ae99c.jpg

The birthday cake was the same one I've made for all of IJ's birthdays so far with a dinosaur emerging from an egg on top.  We made him a custom party hat to wear too.
 photo Picture6_zps2ad78717.png

 photo IMG_9331_zps9f3f4a30.jpg

I think it went well and IJ had fun.  We had a "no gifts" party and I'm glad I made that decision.  The gifts were not missed and later that afternoon IJ opened gifts from family and close friends.

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uncle Mikey said...

omfg these pictures are almost cuter than the real party was!!!!