Thursday, October 10, 2013

ZJ is 2 years old!

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ZJ is now 33.5 inches (42nd percentile) and just over 23 pounds (9th percentile).  Her top 2 second year molars are both coming in.  She is saying lots of new things and is putting more 2 word phrases together.  She used to call herself by the shortened form of her name but suddenly started saying her name was "Z-naw-naw" or occasionally "Z-naw-naw-naw."  She uses "thanks," "welcome" and "sorry" properly.  Her favorite word is "no" which she often yells in response to any question or request.  She likes to say "oww" even if things don't hurt but could have.  She also likes to say "tadah!" when she builds things.  She says a few words that really don't sound correct such as "gah-me-ah" (pajamas), "baa-baa-bee-bee" (strawberry) and "sam-E-uhls" (sandals).  I told her she was awesome when she used the toilet one day and it stuck with her so she calls herself "awefome" now.  Her brother taught her the phrase "bad guy" and she often declares she is one and likes to identify them in books.  She used to alert everyone to her (or others) farts by just saying "fart" but started copying my response to her so she now says "oh my!"  This was humorous enough on its own but a few days ago she heard a stranger in the bathroom and yelled out "oh my!" in reference to the stranger farting.

ZJ has always loved to dance to music but now likes to sing.  She started with "rain, rain, go away," likes "wheels on the bus" and Old McDonald and also loves "YMCA" due to her brother's obsession with it.  She has no interest in television except to watch the beginning and ending of Thomas and Friends when IJ gets to see it.  She calls Thomas "Tommy" and identifies him in stores and elsewhere by screaming "Tommy!"  She likes to count to 10 with us and when she sees numbers on something she recognizes them as numbers and says "2-1-2-1."  She learned to answer what her age and her brother's age were in preparation for her birthday.  She finally started building with the Duplo but will only build towers with one size/shape of block.  She learned to close and open doors with the knob and shortly after that started locking them too.  She is also getting off the ground a bit when she jumps now.  She constantly requests both hugs and kisses now from NJ and I.

ZJ will go days with peeing only in the toilet and then other days will wet several diapers.  I think several sicknesses set us back this month.  She continues to occasionally poop on the toilet so I think she'll get more comfortable with that soon.

ZJ still occasionally skips a nap but will typically sleep 30 minutes to an hour.  I'm still walking her in the stroller to get her to sleep each night and she usually falls asleep around 7:30pm.  She wakes around 6:30/7 am.  She is still a breastfeeding addict and wakes throughout the night to nurse (still sleeping next to me) and nurses several times during the day.

ZJ had a pretty mild cold a few weeks ago.  She then got a stomach thing that didn't seem to bother her too much but affected her bowels.  Then, the day before her birthday she started saying her right ear hurt and she wouldn't go to sleep.  The cold symptoms came the next day.  It appears she has a virus/ear infection.

Here's ZJ's 2nd year at a glance.  See last year's here.
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