Friday, June 27, 2014

June 2014 Pics

We had about 3 yellow squash before the plants died. That's 3 more than grew last year.  photo Picture18_zps51141c4b.png

Yellow pear, black plum, san marzano tomatoes and an unknown (misplaced the tag) very strange fuzzy yellow odd tasting tomato.
   photo Picture3_zps3b852cca.png

IJ started swim lessons.
 photo Picture16_zps8231330f.png\

This is our view during the lessons.  We're not allowed in the pool area.  He's actually a couple people over from ZJ's pinky in this picture.
 photo Picture17_zps5259d635.png

 photo Picture15_zps0b474102.png

 photo Picture14_zpsc6e0071a.png

 photo Picture13_zps93b1ea8d.png

The kids made rainbow art for Father's Day.  IJ wrote his own cloud messages and ZJ dictated hers.
 photo Picture2_zpsa26d758f.png

We also baked him a cake.  This is it ready for the oven.
 photo Picture12_zpsd6443f1d.png

 photo Picture11_zps13768858.png

 photo Picture10_zps0522dfc5.png

 photo Picture9_zpsfd2fcf64.png

 photo Picture8_zps0e319c3c.png

This guy was hanging out on my drying rack.
 photo Picture7_zpse864c2b5.png

 photo Picture6_zps51e89015.png

We stopped by our chiropractor's 10 year anniversary party and the kids got balloon art.  We entered a raffle and actually won a kitchen basket containing a small food processor, stick blender, silicone spoon and ladle and 2 large glass jars.
 photo Picture5_zps54a6015f.png

 photo Picture4_zps2af0cfdb.png

 photo Picture30_zps1c507125.png

Last fall we threw out some bluebonnet seeds in a patch of grass in the front yard that was thin.  A few actually grew and in May we added some mammoth sunflower saplings from IJ's school.  They are currently all blooming.  They didn't grow to their full potential most likely because sunflowers don't like being transplanted.
 photo Picture1_zpsda63e308.png

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