Saturday, March 26, 2016

November 2015 Pics

IJ's Fall soccer team (minus a couple kids).  photo Picture5_zpsfnyzkxvl.png

ZJ had a slackline set up during the camping theme at school.
 photo Picture6_zpspkjfptye.png

Every Friday ZJ stays later and listens to storytelling and a puppet show.
 photo 20151106_125014_zpsprr4625h.jpg

Nurse ZJ took the staple out of IJ's head.
 photo 20151106_181944_zps85zifukx.jpg

ZJ and her friend at a cold and rainy soccer game.
 photo Picture9_zps70qxtmed.png

Just like her mama, petting a hissing cockroach.
 photo Picture8_zpsvefvllo1.png

School dress up.
 photo Picture7_zpslgttp4ks.png

Storybook parade at IJ's school.
 photo Picture1_zpsw6f6ufxy.png

 photo 20151121_120513_zpsxv4ibjbi.jpg

ZJ attended her first drum circle with her new drum.
 photo 20151122_155101_zpsi7r998qw.jpg

ZJ attended Thanksgiving camp and became friends with a preK student at her school who has also had open heart surgery. This friend actually has a heart transplant.
 photo 20151124_123322_zpsadserofr.jpg

IJ attended the camp one day and read a thanksgiving book to all the kids.
 photo Picture2_zpsxsaccbn2.png

 photo 20151126_092709_zpsoh6zh49t.jpg

 photo Picture4_zpsuhpc5753.png

IJ holding a pic of his daddy.
 photo Picture3_zpszxen5nme.png

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