Tuesday, June 3, 2014

artwork from IJ's 2013-2014 pre-K school year

IJ made tons of crafts during the school year but I was most looking forward to the book of monthly self-portraits we were told we'd received at the end of the year.  We didn't see the art during the school year but I was warned early on that IJ had added a certain body party that most boys don't include in their portraits.  I was told another time too.  I guess she decided to stop mentioning it because by the look of these pictures it only got worse.

This was his initial work.
 photo Picture11_zpse9641221.png

This was immediately after a lesson in all the body parts to draw.
 photo Picture10_zps6f8d0a3e.png

And the monthly portraits.
  photo Picture9_zps2e164763.png

 photo Picture8_zps22c81f56.png

 photo Picture7_zpsff8b6471.png

 photo Picture6_zps22254890.png

 photo Picture5_zpsce0da57d.png

 photo Picture4_zps13b8e822.png

 photo Picture3_zps27d4a60c.png

 photo Picture2_zpsf39ff820.png

And a random horse.
 photo Picture12_zpsaac12ff5.png

 And my mother's day gift.
  photo Picture13_zps54674695.png

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