Tuesday, June 17, 2014

trip to Austin

We made a weekend trip to Austin earlier this month after not visiting for quite a while.  We arrived midday and went to the Austin Nature Center for the first time.  It was beautiful with lots to do.
  photo Picture13_zps3d1472c3.png

The kids dug for dinosaur bones.
 photo Picture12_zpse85c2615.png

 photo Picture11_zps580de3a6.png

And we cooled off in a stream.
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We went to a smoothie bar after and they had a cool butterfly chair.
 photo Picture8_zps8e9f3252.png

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The next day after a run around Lady Bird Lake we went to Barton Springs.  Surprisingly the kids did OK with the freezing water and enjoyed playing in the shallow parts.
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Later that day we found a vegan ice cream place!
 photo Picture4_zps2ab562e2.png

On our last day we got in some play time at a park and playground connected to the Austin Central Market before the rains came.
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We bought a little Lego set while in Austin to entertain IJ on the way home.  It worked quite well and he was able to build on a box lid.  ZJ enjoyed some new books.
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